Sunday, March 29, 2009

Purple Fountain Grass!

Ornamental Grass: Fountain Grass
Fountain Grass is an upright-open, mound forming plant that usually grows 12 inches to 3 feet. This is an excellent ornamental grass and should be used as an accent or specimen plant, in the middle of borders, and with other perennials. A mass planting produces a colorful display when in full bloom. Fountain Grass does well as a transitional grass between formal and natural areas. Flowering occurs in July and goes through the fall. Flower color changes from whitish purple to coppery purple and persists well into the winter. Fall foliage is yellow-gold. Fountain grass grows well in any fertile, moist, wet or well-drained soil. It prefers full sun to very light shade. If you would like to ask any questions concerning other ornamental grasses you can contact us at:

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