Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring Time is Almost Here! Let's Clean Up!

This should be your punch list of things to check for preparing for the Spring! 

  • Clean winter’s debris (lawn and shrub beds)
  • Aeration of your lawn
  • Prune winter injury to trees and shrubs
  • Cut back dead ornamental grasses
  • Uncover perennials, assess and fertilize
  • Uncover roses, prune dead and fertilize
  • Remove excessive mulch on trees and shrubs
  • Apply lawn pre emergent herbicide (Before the Forsythia drop their flowers)
  • Apply pre emergent control to shrub beds
  • Apply supplemental fertilizer lawn
  • Check irrigation and set schedule times for proper watering
  • Monitor for insect and diseases
  • Pull weeds in flowerbeds
  • Prune shrubs that have flowered