Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its January!!!! Check Your Trees and Plants!!!!

Since we have had this horrible summer of drought(2011), we need to do some maintenance on trees and shrubs. This a good time to do as follows:

1.Fertilization on Trees and Shrubs!---I feel it is important especially to fertilize trees during this time since sap goes dormant in the winter time. Special fertilizers are used to help our trees transition during the past drought and to get ready for future harsh weather. Aeration on tree are important at least every two years to help give oxygen,water, and fertilization down to the core of the feeder roots. Shrubs need a quick spread of triple 14. Ask us about applying these chemicals @ arborlifedesigns@gmail.com or 281-914-7788.

2.Pruning Deadwood and Looking for dead trees-It is important to be aware of dead limbs or dead trees for they can be a liability on your property and could harm you.

3.Wrap Back flows and other outdoor pipes for possible freeze! Since our cold season has started a little late this year that would be advised to be done since we might have a couple of freezes coming up.

4.Drainage-Look at possible issues in your drainage that could be affecting your sod and plants!

All these steps are important to get us ready for the spring coming up! Hope all had a great break!

Arbor Life