Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall and Autumn Landscaping

I am soo glad the temperatures have come down! It was a hot summer and this a good time to re look at your outdoor environment! Here are some tips this Fall 2011:

1.Plants Alive??Check your existing plants and see if they are going to be replaced. There are many plants that are durable going into the winter that we can replace and will help get you ready for the holidays.

2. New Movement of older material-If you would still like to enjoy some of you most favorite summer flowers, you could transplant them in containers and bring them in every night. Or if you are not that ambitious you can cover you plants up at night to avoid the frost. Either way you are prolonging you enjoyment.

3.Specialty Color...Mums!!!Also in late summer there are a variety of mums that can be planted. These are one of the most hardy when dealing with the cold weather of October.

4.Suggestion for Color: is trees that you plant in your yard. You can go from bright yellows to fiery red. Some of the best choices are sugar maples, birch, ash ginkgo, red bud,beech, hickory, butternut, honey locust and the tulip tree just to name a few out there. Do some searching on the net. It seems like they are coming up with new hybrids every year, and you could possibly be the first on to have the new breed of tree and having the neighbors asking what kind of tree is that? Where did you get it?

5.Check Sprinklers and Dead limbs and trees: Make sure during this season you walk around your property for possible issues with your trees and turn your sprinkler on to see if zones are working property.

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