Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advantages of having a Mosquito System

The mosquito product market is jam packed with effective, and not-so-effective, products. From body sprays to lantern repellents to citronella candles, there are lots of choices. But if you’re committed to comprehensive mosquito control, mosquito misting systems is hard to pass up. Here’s why:

  • Systems cover the perimeter of your yard, not just parts of it (depending on your installation).
  • Mosquito misting devices provide automatic spraying so you don’t have to worry with daily maintenance.
  • The cost for effective mosquito control is most economical long term.
  • Mosquito misting is set up by licensed pest management professionals, ensuring that your solution is set up correctly with the best chance for success.
  • Call Arbor Life for more information on our systems:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fertilizing Plants in the Winter Time

On Plants: It's a good idea to use a fertilizers with a higher potassium level because that is what plants seem to favor and protect plant cells from freeze injuries. Secondly, water your plants in the fall as needed. Give your plants a thorough watering before the first freeze. It is just as important to water your plants to protect them from dehydrating in the winter as it is to protect them from the cold.

Mulch: Make sure to add more mulch during the winter for this will help protect the roots of plants and help preserve moisture in the flower bed areas.

Deadwood Removal and Dead leaves:Break off dead leaves and any remaining fruit from stems. Late fall is the perfect time to do this. Follow the same rule as fertilization and stop pruning within six weeks of the first frost. It is also a good idea to remove any dead leaves on the ground around your plants. This will help prevent any fungal spores from taking root and growing on the dead leaves.