Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Understand Emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia is a cultivar of zoysia. It has a thin bladed grass which handles drought and does well in shaded areas. This grass has a fine and soft texture
and can be left unmowed at 6-12 inches if desired. When left unmowed will form humps convoluted surfaces which is sometimes used an oriental landscape themes.

Emerald does well in humid and hot weather and used in the Southern states. Once established it requires less water than Augustine and but slightly more than bermuda. Browning may occur in triple heat digits but with proper hydration can restore its green color very quickly. Mowing can be performed at every 7-10 days with mowing height from .75" to 2" . At first I would recommend cutting at a higher level. The use of a reel mower is required because a typical rotary mower will leave grass with a grey/white tip instead of a clean cut look. Fertilization on grass should only be done twice a year with a 8-8-8 and 13-13-13 product. It is found that over fertilizing this grass can destroy and turn grass yellow. It is best to fertilize on the light side since this zoysia is one of the slowest growing grasses in the family. If you have further questions please contact us at: arborlife@arborlife.com

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